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Grammar Tip

When describing a noun with an adjective the Thais place the adjective after the noun.
For example "cold water"=water cold.

Here is my recommendation for learning Thai FAST and EASY

Learn with Audio and Video.
The Thai Lady in the videos is cute.

Here's the link.

To speak about the time in Thai language the day is divided into 4 six-hour periods starting at midnight, 6am, midday, and 6pm,

Telling The Time

Speak Thai

Thai girlfriend survival plan

Thai Love Words and Romantic Thai Phrases for Lovers

Just knowing a few romantic Thai love words and thai love phrases can pave the way for a closer relationship with a Thai lady. Click play to listen to the phrases or copy and paste into a letter. Knowing lots of Thai love words and phrases will allow you to say in Thai exactly what you want to say, how you think or what you are feeling.

Download a Bundle of Thai Phrases with Audio and Video.

You may click on any of the audio play buttons below to listen to the correct pronunciation of Thai love words and love phrases. Each button will play an MP3 recording. But if you really want to get serious about learning romantic Thai phrases for lovers then join this Thai language program.

English Thai Words Play Phonetic Love Phrases
Your smile is beautiful ยิ้มคุณสวย YIM KHUN SUEAY
Take care of yourself ดูแลตัวเอง DO LAIR DTOA ANG
Your eyes are beautiful ตาของคุณสวย DTAR KONG KHUN SUEAY
You are really beautiful คุณสวยจริงๆ KHUN SUEAY JING JING
I miss you ฉันคิดถึงคุณ CHUN KIT TEUNG KHUN
I love you ผมรักคุณ POM RUK KHUN (Man speak)
You are special คุณเป็นคนพิเศษ KHUN PEN KON PEESET
You are handsome คุณรูปหล่อ KHUN ROOP LAW
Go to eat together ไปกินด้วยกัน BY GIN DOAY GUN
Go to eat rice together ไปกินข้าวด้วยกัน BY GIN KOW DOAY GUN
I want to see you ผมอยากพบคุณ POM YARK POP KHUN
Are you missing me? คุณล่ะคิดถึงผมไหม KHUN LA KIT TEUNG POM MAI
Feel sad รู้สึกเศร้า RUSUEK SAO

My Thai friends told me that it is romantic to ask a Thai lady if she can hear your heart beat. This is probably a good reason to stand close to her so that she can hear your heart thumping because she is standing near you. You might want to guide her head to your chest so that she has a chance to hear your heart beating for her. Listen to hundreds of Thai phrases.

Can you hear my heart beat?

DY YIN = hear, SIANG = sound, KONG = of (possessive), HOOA JAI = heart, POM = I, BUNG = some, MAI is the question tag that tells the listener he or she is being asked a question.

"Thanks for having me in your thoughts" is another nice Thai love phrase to use when a Thai lady says something thoughtful to make you feel special. Thai women are experts at doing that and are often well rehearsed with romantic Thai phrases.

Thanks for having me in your thoughts.

KOB KHUN = thank you, TEE = for, YANG = still, ME = have, POM = I, YOO = be, NAI = in, KWAM KIT TEUNG = thoughts.

You will find more words beginning with the prefix KWAM on my Thai prefix KWAM page.

Make her feel needed when you are apart. Just as we say in English when a loved one is far away," I wish you were by my side". Or during a time when you feel you need her support.

I wish that you were by my side.


POM= I, WANG WAH = wish that, KHUN = you, JA = will, MA = come, YOO = be, KHEYYG = close, KHANG = side, POM = I.

The Thai word WAH may be used as a verb meaning "to say". It is more often used as a conjunction introducing a clause after verbs of mental action such as "believe"," think", "understand", "wish", "promise", "feel", and "know". In the above sentence it is used as the conjunction meaning "that".

JA is the tense marker for the future tense. JA is placed before a verb to indicate an action in the future or as in most cases, to give a hypothetical meaning to what is being said. The Thais will omit JA in a sentence if the meaning is understood in context. If you want to learn more Thai love words and romantic phrases I recommend this Thai Language site.

If you are visiting or living in Thailand then you have a great opportunity to listen to and watch Thai actors in some of the romantic Thai telivision soap operas. Watch with a Thai person who can be your translator. This is another easy way to get the correct pronunciation of the Thai language. Thais love the soap operas and you will pick up some really useful romantic Thai phrases.

I feel wonderful tonight

Both these eBooks Pattaya Bar Girls Report and After-The-Rush are loaded with tips about communicating with Thai women. Do yourself a favor and go check them out.
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