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If you happen to be in Thailand and take a stroll inside one of the department stores in Pattaya or Bangkok you won’t be able to help but notice many beautiful Thai women serving at the counters in those stores. Go to the women’s make up section where they are selling Channel, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, and other world famous cosmetic brands and there you will see gorgeous Thai women.

Speak Thai Learn Thai
Learn Thai

These women can be your resource for learning, in Thai, how to speak about a woman’s appearance. On a quiet day these ladies would chat freely. The language I gleaned from these expeditions was incredible. Chatting with the staff in department stores was so much fun and I met so many people that I normally would not have met had I not spoken or tried to speak Thai language. But acquiring the language in that manner took lots of time and energy.

The Little Thai Voice

There were no audio language courses that I knew of in those days (More than sixteen years ago). I had asked in vain at several bookshops. I had the time to spend on acquiring resources to learn Thai because I had moved to Thailand to live. But you know what? I always had that little Thai voice in my head saying to me; “There must be an easier way than this”

“There must be an easier way than this”

Now I don’t know about you but these days I don’t have the time to go to the markets, supermarkets and department stores to learn Thai. I do it the easy way. I use Thai language software at home on my computer. If you are going to Thailand for a short holiday then you would want to lean Thai the easy way wouldn’t you?

Remember Thai Vocabulary with Thai Native Video and Pics

The Thai language program is huge but two of the features I like are the native Thai speakers and usage of pictures and videos to reinforce the vocabulary in your mind. Have you tried it yet? You know you can acquire the language from this program just as I did in my organic classroom at the markets and department stores.

But here is the plus side. Using the program takes less time and is a lot easier than finding some obliging Thai person in a market or department store. In minutes you can be speaking a phrase or two. Your program will repeat a word or phrase as many times as you want it to.

You can learn Thai at your own pace. It will also teach you about Thai culture as it explains the varoius situations in which you can use certain phrases. That's another feature I like about the lessons. It weaves snippets of Thai culture into the lesson and that aids your recall of the vocabulary and phrases.

Thais Warm Up to You When You Speak Thai

If you come to Thailand for a holiday, looking for a Thai lady, or to chase Thai girls, Thailand will open up to you if you can speak a little Thai. Here is the link again to the software that I consider is one of the easiest and fun ways to learn Thai with pictures and audio spoken by Thais.

Speak Thai Fast and Easy

Get the basics down at home then come to Thailand and practice on the bar girls and on the vendors in the markets. Being able to speak their lingo will put you ahead of the other punters who can't utter a word of Thai. Being able to speak Thai also gives you access to mainstream Thai girls. You will be surprised at how quickly they warm up to you when you can speak their language.

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