Speaking With Thai Bar Girls

You will often hear Thailand ex-pats or foreigners who can speak Thai (พูดไทย POOD THAI )
say, "Bar girls ( สาวบาร์ SAO BAR )
don't like it when you speak Thai with them" The implication is that if you speak Thai with them then they will put you into the “FARANG ROO MARK" ฝรั่งรู้มาก (Foreigner who knows too much) category.
Foreigner knows much
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Thai girlfriend"Must read"
This does happen. But in my experience the girls who might be put off by you being able to speak Thai language ( พูดภาษาไทยได้ POOD PASSA THAI DY)
are usually the ones that you would want to avoid anyway.

If they only want a farang who is a newbie and doesn't know much about the bar scene then what would you guess their intentions might be? By the way if you really want an in depth report about the bar girls check out Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

I have witnessed bar girls faces light up like a flash light when they hear me speak Thai. Quite often these are new girls fresh from the rice fields. These newcomers to the bar scene often feel very intimidated in their new work environment.

Think about it. They are surrounded by all us scary looking foreigners babbling away in some language that they don't understand. ( ภาษาที่พวกเขาไม่เข้าใจ )
Can you imagine what a relief it must be for them to meet a foreigner that they can speak with?

Learn to Speak Thai Fast and Easy the FUN way.

Being able to speak Thai is a great asset if you want to meet Thai ladies who are new to the bar scene. Quite often I have been a new girl's first customer. When the bar supervisors or Mamasans notice that you can speak Thai they see that as a great opportunity to introduce a new girl to a foreigner.

So how do you learn to speak Thai language? (เรียนรู้ภาษาไทย REYEN ROO PASSA THAI)

Is it easy or difficult? I must say I didn't find it difficult. I speak only two languages Thai and English. I did learn French at high school and later Tagalog when I was going to the Philippines.

So having actually developed a learning process might have helped a little with my Thai language acquisition. But what helped me most was listening to Thai nationals speaking on my computer. I subscribed to a program I called "Speak Thai Fast and Easy" Here is a link to the program.

I highly recommend it if you want to get up and talking to bar girls quickly. Once you reach a certain level of speaking Thai the benefits will be obvious. Check it out here: "Speak Thai Fast and Easy"

You know you can get "closer" to Thai girls when you speak Thai (พูดไทย POOD THAI )
and they will really respect ( เคารพ KOWROP )
and like you a lot for the effort you have made to learn their language.
English Thai Play Phonetic
How much? เท่าไร
Body fee* ค่าตัว
Bar fee (bar fine) ค่าบา
Where are you from? คุณมาจากไหน
How old are you? คุณอายุเท่าไหร่
Go upstairs ขึ้นชั้นบน
Up to you ขึ้นชั้นบน
Speak Thai Learn Thai
Learn Thai

* :Body fee" is the private fee paid to the lady.

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