Verbs and Nouns Inside a Hotel Room, Apartment or Bedroom.

I find it helpful to learn some Thai words like nouns and verbs then create short phrases with them. This way your ability to actually speak meaningful Thai sentences is quickly enhanced. Here are some Thai nouns and verbs that you can mix to create useful Thai phrases. This set of Thai phrases with audio is focused on usage inside a hotel room, apartment or house.

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I will give you just sixteen Thai nouns to learn then a few verbs that you can use with your nouns. Later I will add adjectives to help describe the noun. The word order in Thai language is; noun first, adjective after the noun.

Verbs and Nouns Inside a Hotel Room Apartment or Bedroom
English Phonetic Thai Play
bag GRA POW กระเป๋า
bathroom HONG NAM ห้องอาบน้ำ
bed TE ANG เตียง
bed sheet PAH POO TEE NON ผ้าปูที่นอน
chair GAEW E เก้าอี้
curtain MAHN ม่าน
door BRA TOOประตู
drawer LIN CHUG ลิ้นชัก
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drinking water NAM DOOM น้ำดื่ม
floor PUEN พื้น
hair dryer KRUENG BOW POM เครื่องเป่าผม
key GOON JAIR กุญแจ
light FI ไฟ
mirror GRA JOK กระจก
pillow MON หมอน
plastic bag TOONG PLAS SA TIK ถุงพลาสติก

Below are four useful Thai verbs that you can combine with an appropriate Thai noun from the table above.

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English Phonetic Thai Play
give HI ให้
open PUED เปิด
shower UP NAM อาบน้ำ
shut PID ปิด
turn off light PID FI ปิดไฟ

Putting the Thai verbs and nouns together from the tables above here are some Thai phrases to use inside the hotel room, apartment or bedroom.

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Verbs and Nouns Inside a Hotel Room
English Phonetic Thai Play
Shut the door PID BRA TOO ปิดประตู
turn off the light PID FI ปิดไฟ
shut the fridge PID DTOO YEN ปิดตู้เย็น
open the door
PHUD BRA TOO เปิดประตู
give me the towel HI CHUN PAH CHET DTOOA ผ้าเช็ดตัวี้
give me the water HI CHUN NAM DOOM ให้ฉันน้ำดื่ม
give me the pillow HI CHUN MORNให้ฉันหมอน
give me the soap HI CHUN SABOO ให้ฉันสบู่
give me the key HI CHUN GOON JAIR ให้ฉันกุญแจ

How do you think you would say "Turn on the light" in Thai? Hint - you will find the words on this page.

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