Thai Pronouns

PRONOUNS vary in Thai according to age, status, and the relationship of the people speaking to each other. The best pronouns for "I" for non Thais are PHOM for men and CHAN for women. These are neither too respectful nor too intimate.

CHAN ฉัน
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When talking with a friend a name may be used for "you", especially the one-syllable nicknames that Thai people have. Some people also use their own names for "I".

In Thai, pronouns are often omitted in informal conversation, especially "I" and "you" and also 'she/he/they" if it's understood in context whom you're referring to. Pronouns don't change with part of speech. The same words are both "I" and "me", "he" and "him" , "she" and "her". Thai pronouns maybe used in more than one way, for example,THEUH is both "she" and 'you', and RAO can mean "we", "I", or "you" but normally "we".

I (spoken by a woman)
"CHAN" ฉัน
This is the most common, informal word for "I" for women. The pronunciation is"'high/short" informally, but rising/short in its written or formal form.

THEE CHAN -ที่ฉัน
More formal, could be used, for example, in a meeting where you don't know the people very well. This form of "I" is too formal for everyday conversation.

RAO - An informal way to say "I" for women.เรา

KOW - is informal for "I" among close female friends.

NOO - for young women, teenagers and younger children. This word means "mouse" or "rat", and sounds cute. If you find it difficult to pronounce the Thai phonetics used on this page then I highly advise you use this audio program to get the Thai pronunciation right.

I - (spoken by men)
The most common word for "I" for men, neither too formal nor informal.
CHAN - Same as 'I" for women but more informal and intimate when used by men. It is used when speaking with children and intimate friends only.

RAO - เรา Informal and intimate. GAN is the pronoun used when talking with close male friends..

NOO is both "I" and "you", said by children and used when talking to children.

KA-PHA-JAO - Used mostly in Thai speeches.ข้าพเจ้า

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