The Benefits Of Speaking Thai With Thai People

Knowing how to say a few Thai words at the right moment can lead to a bundle of fun. I am so pleased that I learned to speak Thai and I want to pass this on to you. The benefits of being able to speak Thai are compounding.

The Thais are so happy to hear a foreigner has made an effort to learn their language and somehow they seem to reward you. Understanding some Thai allows you to get involved in Thailand especially if you are able to express your feelings in Thai.

If you come to Pattaya one time you will most certainly return especially if you put into practice just some of the tips from the downloadable 110 pages of Pattaya Bar Girls Report. You might return to Thailand many times. It is worth learning Thai.

Simple English

Most Pattaya girls speak a little English that is pre rehearsed.

It will be simple English with broken grammar and probably in this order.

  • What your name?
  • Where you come from?
  • Where you stay?
  • How long you stay Pattaya?
  • You stay how many day already?
  • You marry?
  • You have baby?
Here's the clinger. They probably won't understand your answer if it is more than two words. Then depending on which country you come from it is possible she won’t understand your accent.


You can have a lot of fun with the Thai girls if you can speak Thai.

Here are just some of the BENEFITS

Knowing how to speak Thai will give you insight into the exotic but complex Thai culture. Knowing Thai will allow you to understand what the Thais are talking about. And that's not all. With your Thai language skills you can guide yourself around the traps that await the amorous foreigner. In a nut shell:
You can say in Thai what you want, what you feel and what you think.

Learn Thai The Easy Way

Imagine if you could learn Thai from a native Thai speaker with the aid of pictures, audio and text on your computer right now. How easy would that be? Well here it is. The easy way to learn Thai on your computer. This is an amazing program. It is fun and easy to use. It will even teach you to write Thai if you want to. Check it out and learn some Thai if you are planning to come to Thailand.

And There’s More Speaking Thai Will Do For You

Thailand will open up to you. The Thais WILL LOVE you. You will pull more crazy 'girl' attention than you've ever had. You will learn how to express yourself easily with the right words and tones spoken by your native Thai speaker on your computer.

With your Thai Language program on your computer you will be speaking short Thai phrases in less than a week. Here is the link again for the easy way to learn Thai on your computer. Have you noticed how passionate I am about being able to speak Thai?
Just feel the need to share this with you. The benefits are compounding.

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